Sharing your Vision? It’s easy!


In my previous blog, I listed ten ways we can measure our effectiveness as a leader.  The first on that list was Sharing a Vision but the trouble is that is often easier said than done.  The other day though, someone told me about what she did at work and she demonstrated a brilliant example of sharing her vision.

We were chatting away and she started to tell me about the importance of the service she and her team delivered.  To illustrate that importance of that service, she told me a story of a client she had worked with recently and the positive outcome her team at achieved.

Her story was moving and I could see the passion in her eyes as she spoke.  But it wasn’t just the story of her client that was interesting but also the way she described the team she led.  She spoke with genuine pride, respect and appreciation for what they did and you couldn’t help coming away with the impression that it must be pretty good being part of her team.  As her enthusiasm increased, she went on to tell me about her plans for the service and I was hooked.

I don’t know if she would see it this way, but she was sharing her vision with me in the best way possible.  She was being completely authentic, genuine and passionate and it left you feeling like you wanted to be part of her vision – and isn’t that what we mean by Sharing a Vision?  Easy!