How Effective a Leader are you?

Do you every wonder how you are doing as a leader?  Give yourself marks out of ten against each of these and set yourself some targets for improvement – if you need to!

Do you:-

  1. Share the Vision? Whether it’s your vision for the team, or maybe it’s a vision for the whole organisation, do you communicate it, get excited about it and…..
  2. Involve others?   Do you get others animated about the vision and wanting to be involved? Do you help them to see what part they can play in achieving it?
  3. Build trust?  Trust is hard to acquire and easy to loose.  Be reliable,;do what you say you will do; keep your promises; act with integrity; treat others with respect; always give credit where credit is due but at the same time, remember that there is great strength in acknowledging mistakes and taking responsibility.
  4. Have courage? Do you address the difficult issues or are you just Mr Nice Guy (or girl)? We show courage by having those challenging conversations, making tough decisions when necessary, or taking a risk and trusting someone when you don’t know whether they will let you down.
  5. Create an environment of continuous learning and development?  A key part of leadership is looking for opportunities for others and yourself to learn.
  6. Communicate? Yes we communicate all the time but do you communicate clearly and often?  And how often do you stop what you are doing and really listen to what someone is saying to you?
  7. Facilitate?  In other words, help others to make things happen rather than thinking that is your responsibility.  Offer your support, use your influence where it counts, clear away obstacles.
  8. Seek openness and honesty?  Demonstrate this yourself and others will follow.
  9. Know yourself? Seek feedback from others; reflect on your motivation and your values, continuously seek understanding.
  10. Strive for excellence? Not just for yourself but from those around you.